LHFAM History


Founder and Executive Director Kim Dale along with her husband, Martin, has worked with birth moms and children from the streets since 2001 through their street ministry, which feeds and ministers to the homeless. Their non-profit organization DBA, Little Footprints Children’s Ministry, also provides practical items for biological mothers, such as diapers, baby wipes, food, clothing, and emergency motel rooms. Their goal is to assist the mothers, giving them an opportunity to be able to parent their own children.

In working with the street church mothers they realized there were some very deep-seated issues of poverty, hopelessness, neglect, and abuse, causing many to need assistance with foster care and adoption.

Thus, Kim began working with Loving Houston’s mother agency, Loving Alternative Adoption Agency in Tyler, TX.


Kim worked with Loving Alternative Adoption Agency for 9 years in Houston, TX, as a liaison and director of cases and field workers locally.


Loving Houston Foster and Adoption Ministries became an official branch office of Loving Alternative Adoption Agency in Houston, TX, in January 2012.


After nearly one year as a branch office, they applied for and received their own license as Loving Houston Foster and Adoption Ministries. They’ve been operating as a local agency ever since.