Who is Loving Houston Foster and Adoption Ministries?

Loving Houston is a child-placing agency licensed by the state of Texas offering both adoption and foster care services. Foster care is offered to the biological parents, giving them the opportunity to become stable and raise their own children. If, however, they are unable to provide a safe environment, we offer a permanent solution through adoption.

What is a Home Study?

A Home Study is a short biography written about your family by a caseworker in your home state. You will complete an assortment of documents for this process (i.e., health exams, criminal background checks, income and employment verification, references, inspections, and other documents). Your caseworker will then conduct a series of visits and interviews with you and your family. This process is designed to screen prospective foster/adoptive homes according to state standards.

If I want to adopt, why should I consider fostering to adopt instead?

Due to the numerous foster children we work with, we encourage all of our families to become licensed foster-to-adopt homes. A number of our children begin in foster care and move into adoptive status due to circumstances in the birthparent’s life. We will work with the foster home to ensure that the placement is right for the family.

Does Loving Houston ever deal with couples who are out of state, or must they live in Texas?

All of our foster families must live in Region 6 of the Greater Houston Area. Adoptive placements are almost always within the state of Texas. Out-of-state adoptive placements are made in unique situations only.

Is financial assistance available for foster or adopt families?

Due to being a private, non-profit agency that does not contract with the state or receive stipends for foster care, Loving Houston Foster and Adoption Ministries does not provide financial reimbursements for foster care or adoptive care.

What types of financial assistance are available to adoptive families?

There are a wide variety of resources available to help fund your adoption, from grants and loans to tax credits and fundraising events. You can learn more on our Funding Your Adoption page.

What is the Federal Adoption Tax Credit?

The Federal Adoption Tax Credit is a benefit to families who are adopting. A family can file for this credit when their adoption is complete. Once granted, the credit can be applied to the tax amount owed by the family to the government. Specific questions on how families can benefit from this credit should be directed to a tax preparer or your certified public accountant.