Here at Loving Houston Foster and Adoption Ministries, we understand that finances can be a deterrent for families when considering adoption. Although LHFAM offers one of the lowest adoption fees in the state of Texas, we know that the expenses can often seem overwhelming. Over the years we have seen God provide financially over and over for families with a heart to rescue children in need.

The following list provides resources to investigate that may help fund an adoption:

  • Employee Benefits

Many employers provide benefits for their employees who adopt. These may include leave when a child arrives in the home, reimbursement of adoption expenses, or assistance with adoption information and referral services. Contact your human resources department to inquire about available benefits. For help asking your employer for this benefit, visit: Also, read Elizabeth Mair’s article “How to Lobby Your Employer for Adoption Benefits”.

Branches of the military offer $2,000 adoption reimbursements for eligible active service members. More information may be found in benefits information on your branch’s website.

  • Tax Credits

The federal government Adoption Tax Credit offsets qualified adoption expenses, making adoption possible for some families who could otherwise not afford it. This credit can be substantial. Contact your tax advisor or the IRS website for complete details. Several states have also enacted tax credits for adoptive families. Some are restricted to those adopting from the state’s public system. Contact your state adoption unit for more information.

  • Adoption Grants, Programs, & Loans

A number of organizations offer adoption grants and/or low-cost loans. Some are limited to children with special characteristics, while others are available to any prospective parents who meet the organization’s criteria. Here are some examples:

Gift of Adoption Fund

Parenthood for Me

Pathways for Little Feet

Tinina Q. Cade Foundation

Lifesong for Orphans

Show Hope

One Chance Foundation

Both Hands

A Child Waits Foundation

Pure Gift of God

  • Creative Fundraising
    You’ll find many adoption fundraising ideas and resources on the Internet. The following links and ideas will be a great starting point for your fundraising efforts.

Fundraising resources:

Fundraising ideas:

Fundraising websites: