Home Studies:

  • LHAA Home Study Fee: $850.00
  • Fees incurred through necessary purchases and inspections to achieve compliance (i.e. fire extinguishers, gas and fire inspections, cabinet locks and safes, etc.)

Agency Placement Fees (at the time of ADOPT placement):

  • Newborn not falling under “at-risk” category: $17,000
  • Newborn to the attained age of two years 365 days: $15,000
  • Three years to attained age of four years and 365 days: $12,000
  • Five years and up: $9,500

Sibling Group:

  • Second Placement Fee: $2,000
  • Third Placement Fee: $1,500
  • No additional placement fee attached to four or more.
  • NOTE: Reduced fees only apply when siblings are adopted at the same time.

Legal Fees:

  • The estimated range is between $4,500 to $9,000

Adopting families are responsible to pay for all agency Placement Fees and all Legal Fees directly related to the termination and finalization expenses related to the adoption. The Placement Fee is due at the time the adoptive family signs adoptive paperwork. The Legal Fees are due during the legal process. All fees are nonrefundable.