Creating a Life Book

Each of our adoptive and foster-to-adopt families will be required to create a Life Book. This book is what Loving Houston will present to a prospective adoptive birthparent. It helps them get to know your family and the things that are important to you. It is important to understand that every birthparent is looking for something different in an adoptive family. It is okay to include the things that make your family unique!

Remember, the purpose of a Life Book is to make the birthparents feel good about choosing you. A birth mother who places her child for adoption is making the ultimate sacrifice for her child, one that few of us would have the courage to make. A birth mother makes an adoption plan because she loves her baby and desires for that child to have the  best possible future. It is the most unselfish, loving, caring, and giving decision anyone could ever make.

Tips for creating a Life Book:

  • Include lots of pictures. A picture paints a thousand words. Include lots of colorful photos of your family, friends, and relatives.
  • Make it easy to read. Choose a font that is inviting and bright, yet still easy to read. It may be wise to stick to larger font sizes.
  • Make it reflect YOUR family. Include your hobbies, traditions, and holidays. If you are huge Texans fans, show it in your book! You want the Life Book to accurately reflect the things that are important to you and your family.

What NOT to include:

  • Do not include where you live. Use generalities such as “suburban areas” or “a large city.”
  • Do not include your last name. Please use first names only.

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